Friday, August 27, 2010

Turkish Delights.

Not entirely culture shock, maybe it was just EXTREME HEAT shock, but upon arrival to Istanbul I was totally and utterly exhausted and overwhelmed! That soon passed though, and I began to really love the city. The city itself was described by a particularly enthusiastic local as "like a diamond", which I though pretty corny, but it was very pretty, particularly its mosques -sticking up around the city in place of skycrapers-, and their interior was a whole other story. Apart from the climate, celebration was in the air as it was Ramadam, and every night the park in Sultanahmet came alive with families breaking thier fast with picnics, and alot of live entertainment and vendors- a really great atmosphere. The cuisine was new and delicious, and apart from all it's savoury delights, the sweet side of the menu was very exciting for me, although I certainly overdosed because they were all so pretty I had to try too many (and it's hard to refuse a vendor who introduces himself as "Mr. Delicious") Apple tea and apple flavoured tobacco in the "Nargileh" pipes (hookah) were also a great novelty and were too consumed in abundance. Finally, I will add that I am deeply ashamed to have put my finger in one of the photos, but the birds would not pose like that again....

it's cuisine new and delicious, its people very friendly

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