Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Pity it's not sitting in a Le Creuset

I promise I don't only think about eating animals when I see them.

More Spring celebrations

Perhaps we are getting a bit ahead of ourselves, and it will snow next week, but it was the perfect day for a picnic in Oosterpark. Beautiful new growth of flowers everywhere, and yes we did discuss the culinary potential of this magnificent goose.

A dog accustomed to luxury

Those pretty blue eyes have made someone go soft. I observed this canine's furry tail hanging out the back of this specially-constructed vehicle as its' owner peddled hard to pull it.

A fabulous welcome home to Amsterdam from mother nature!!

Spring is definitely in the air! Eveliina, Natania and Kelsey demonstrate just how warm it is by sitting OUTSIDE to eat these delicious rolls at the Kaasboer (the best in Amsterdam, I will verify) in the Jordaan.

Berlin eye-catchers

You need to keep em peeled 'cos there are so many little details to be missed! Please note Snoop chillin next to the cakes.

Playing tourists for a day

The Berlin Wall's 'Eastside Gallery' & the Jewish war memorial sculpture.

Turkish mint tea & a Jenga stop

More art from the Bahnhoff

Warhol, Duchamp.. and one comissioned especially for me.

Hamburger Bahnhoff: Walton Ford retrospective

A New York-born artist who does large-scale water-colours of animals. Very enjoyable exhibition as they were not too saccharine. The Australians among us may note the Tasmanian tigers in the middle image!

Willkommen in Berlin

A brief sejour in Berlin. Was very impressed by the contemporary and street art, the traffic lights, and this unique balloon/street-art innovation; but like Natania, not so impressed by the climate.

Wintery light in Amsterdam Noord

Please also note the fabulously novel concept of a "Botel".

Monday, March 8, 2010


A very friendly feline inhabitant of 'Goodies' bar named Mickey. I'm all for cats on tables, but not sure how well this would go down in Melbourne...

If only we were rich

Perusing and dreaming in the Dutch design shops 'Moooi' and 'The Frozen Fountain'.

The curious incident of the kebab in the night

A disgraceful scene to be confronted with in the 'am'. Unfortunately the potent aroma of garlic coming from my mouth confirms that is was real.

Lomography party at FOAM

A very fun event complete with vodka on arrival (in the theme of Lomo's Russian ancestry), exhibition, a short film, tips & tricks experts, a play room with free film for all, and cocktails in the bar downstairs. Of course there was a huge Lomo shop and much self-promotional activity, but we forgive them as it was such a good party.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Global Lighting

The squatters certainly know how to create mood lighting.