Thursday, August 26, 2010


Inspired by six months living alongside miss Minna Eveliina, I decided to pay her a visit in her home town to see what her much-described strange Finnish customs were all about! I liked what I saw (and what I tasted- salty liquorice snapps was, surprisingly, delicious!). Very pretty buildings in the middle of the city, often painted colours, and in quite a different style to that which we saw in Stockholm and Copenhagen (not that I have the vocabulary nor the knowledge to describe architecture). Those houses a little outside of the city were extremely exciting for me because they were SO foreign: many made of wood and dotted between the many Birch trees that are all around. It is hard to imagine this city heaped in snow -as it will be before long- as it was warm enough to demand one of these luridly-coloured icecreams that is melting down my arm at the top. Our host sits aboard one of the orange plastic snakes that is the Helisinki metro!

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